The Ethereal Island is here!!!

We just got a new update! Here is the scoop:

New things added:

1) The long awaited Ethereal Island!
2) Three new Ethereal monsters: the Nebulob, the Arackulele and the Whisp
3) The ability to level up Ethereal and Legendary monsters to Level 15
4) A ‘storage shed’ for decorations
5) A ‘humble hotel’ to store monsters
6) The ability to change an individual monster’s volume.
7) The glitch where the Plant Castle plays the Noggin’s sound has been resolved.
8) The chance of breeding Ethereals on Plant, Air and Cold Islands have doubled (it’s now 2%)
9) A new currency exclusively for the Ethereal Island: Shards

Things taken away:
1) The out-of-season re-release of the Blabbit
2) The 33-50% more on coins packages deal
3) The glitches in a monster’s animation

All in all, a very impressive update. You can tell I instantly levelled up my Ghazt and Grumpyre to level 15 and started breeding the Whisp! I don’t have a Wubbox yet, but I wonder if that can go on the Ethereal Island aswell. If anyone knows, just tell me in the comments!

Enjoy the new update



Update! The Wubbox cannot be placed on the Ethereal Island and neither can the Shugabush

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